Global Grievance Mechanism


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The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights chapter III Access to Remedy calls on businesses to establish grievance mechanisms which ensure that “when abuses occur, those affected have access to effective remedy”.

To support its members in this endeavour and to maximise the collaborative nature of amfori’s membership, amfori has embarked on discussions with several organisations to develop a common worker grievance mechanism (Global Grievance Mechanism – GGM).

The GGM would aim to address grievances raised by workers and employees of producers in global supply chains, including grievances that might be coming from producers in amfori members’ supply chains.

Today, these are not covered by the amfori External Grievance Mechanism which addresses exclusively complaints related to:

  • activities or services delivered by amfori or its service providers
  • the conduct of a service provider in the framework of an amfori service
  • the misuse of amfori services by an amfori member or business

Call for Interest

amfori now calls upon its members to join a new Project Group on Global Grievance Mechanism. Participants in this Project Group will commit to –

  • Review and provide input on draft proposals, including
    • Principles
    • Process
    • Governance
    • Financial Model
    • Stakeholders
  • Actively participate in a pilot during 2020, understanding this will include funding of related activities, such as investigation and remediation

To participate, please use the form below.