Managing chemicals and responding to legislation

Clear guidance on chemical legislation and practical tools to help you manage chemicals in your supply chain

Guidance on Chemical Regulation 

Supply chains are complex, and chemicals can be involved at any stage, from the plant protection products used on farms, to the finish chemicals added in factories. This makes having a clear overview of the chemicals being used in your supply chain extremely challenging, especially when information on composition is not readily shared by chemical producers. What’s more, chemical regulations and increased consumer awareness are putting a heavy burden on companies.

amfori provides the tools to give you a clear overview of your supply chain’s chemical usage, and guidance on adhering to legislation and responding to communication obligations.

Managing your supply chain:

amfori BEPI’s Supply Chain Chemical Management module (SCCM) has been designed to support retailers, brands and importers in addressing chemical issues in their supply chains within a collaborative framework with common tools and standards. The module provides BEPI Participants the platform and tools to communicate with their producers in all tiers and improve their chemical management. Read more.

Global trends and programmes 




UN Sustainable Development Goals: amfori and its members strive to contribute to the fulfilment of the Sustainable Development Goals. amfori BEPI directly responds to Sustainable Development Goal #12, which calls for sustainable consumption and production patterns, by identifying “hot spots” within the value chain where interventions have the greatest potential to improve the environmental and social impact of the system as a whole

Read more about the other goals amfori BEPI is directly contributing to via its 11 Environmental Performance Areas




Greenpeace’s Detox campaign: Detox is about the elimination of hazardous substances. The campaign wants companies to ensure no hazardous substances are discharged into the environment, through air, water or soil by encouraging companies to pay more attention to the chemicals used in their supply chains.

Read more to find out how amfori BEPI's chemical module is helping participants understand and manage potentially harmful chemicals to reduce risk and protect brand reputation.