The amfori BEPI System

The amfori BEPI System is the implementation system for companies and their supply chain to achieve continuous improvement of environmental performance, through gap analysis, environmental management improvement, on-site actions plans and progress monitoring.

Based on the GSCP Environmental Reference Tools, it responds to all sectors with a global coverage.



1. Materiality
Before you get started with amfori BEPI, it is important that relevant staff within your company must find:
Which environmental issues have the greatest impact on your business and
Which environmental issues have the greatest relevance to your stakeholders.
Analysing the responses to these questions in a Materiality Matrix will help you to define your starting point, in terms of strategic direction, operational needs as well as Producer outreach. 

2. Supply Chain Mapping

Use your business partners to reach out and gain access to all actors in your supply chain, including tier 2 and beyond producers, to enable yourself to understand how environmental issues are managed by them, and apply risk management activities where and when needed. 

3. Supply Chain Analysis

The mandatory, but free of charge, amfori BEPI Self-Assessment will provide invaluable information and data. Based on it, the amfori BEPI platform will produce a comprehensive environmental gap analysis across the 11 environmental performance areas. It will also provide you with a shortlist of the most relevant environmental areas per producer, allowing all actors to focus on what is really important.

4. Improvement

Participants use the supply chain analysis to make an informed decision on next steps. Is there a potential risk? If yes, which improvement activity is most suitable? The amfori BEPI System and Platform will facilitate participants in making this decision, assign and implement improvement activities where needed, and communicate this to the producer.

amfori BEPI has several improvement programmes to choose from, and will in the coming years continue to expand:
amfori BEPI Environmental Consulting Activity: Environmental Management and Performance Improvement for the shortlisted relevant environmental performance areas
Capacity Building through the amfori Academy (Energy Management, Chemicals Management…)
amfori BEPI Assessment: Assessing the maturity for the shortlisted relevant environmental performance areas, benchmarking producers with a single score system
Sectoral tools:

5. Progress Measurement

The participants are expected to monitor and encourage progress with their producers. amfori BEPI provides the tools to do this, through the amfori BEPI Platform and the amfori Sustainability Dashboards. If an amfori BEPI Assessment was not performed earlier, it could be assigned as a final stage to measure how a producer has matured in managing relevant environmental issues. The assessment will assign a maturity level of 1 (basic), 2 (good) or 3 (leading) which will be valid for 24 months.

Core Concepts

Driving environmental management improvement is not an easy task, but a journey where the success depends on two key elements:

  • Due Diligence.  The amfori BEPI System provides participants a risk-based approach to identify and address environmental impacts in their supply chain, following good practice Due Diligence guidelines.
  • Cascade Effect.  Members who take part in amfori BEPI Participants can proactively work with their tier 1 producers to gain access to tier 2 and beyond producers through the BEPI Platform, extending visibility and influence and driving environmental performance improvement across the entire supply chain, involving all actors.