The Implementation System: BSCI 2.0

BSCI “2.0” is the implementation system of the BSCI Code of Conduct. It aims at fostering improved working conditions in the global supply chain by supporting strong internal management systems that include responsible business practices and management of expectations all along the supply chain.

Two Core Concepts

Two main concepts underpin BSCI 2.0 implementation and enable participants to integrate social responsibility into business processes and relationships with their business partners:

  • Due Diligence: Through BSCI 2.0, we advise companies on how to implement a systematic risk-based approach in order to proactively identify, prevent and address adverse human rights impacts detected in the supply chain
  • Cascade Effect: As purchasing activities offer leverage for influencing social change in supply chains, we help companies to engage with business partners at each level to maximise that opportunity

Three Pillars of Action for a Step-by-Step Approach

BSCI drives improvements in labour conditions at producer level through three fundamental pillars: monitoring, empowering and engaging. BSCI participants unite through the initiative and commit to developing actions along each pillar in order to generate lasting improvements in their global supply chains.