Our Members


Our strength is our members – their expertise, their passion and their diversity

Our members come from all corners of the world – from all industries, all sectors and in all sizes. From small textile firms in Hong Kong to big retailers in Germany, our members may be very different businesses but they all share common values.

Their diversity is a major asset; helping us to better understand the challenges to open and sustainable trade, and combining a broader range of perspectives to deliver a bigger impact.

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What do our members do and where are they from?


Our members operate in a wide variety of sectors, the two largest groups are General Merchandise (this is a broad term for everyday items which are not food) and the Garment and Textile industry.

Of our members, 25.8% work in General Merchandise and 21.8% in the Garment and Textile industry.

The majority (66%) of our members are importers (1,596 members). 19% are brands, 11% are retailers and less than 4% are holdings.

We also have 12 associations in our membership.

Our members come from 45 different countries, with the majority having their HQs in Europe (89%).

To offer tailored support to our members we have local Network Representatives in several countries.


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Our members have the power to shape the world. We help them do that.