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Project Groups provide operational advice to the association on particular topics from an implementation perspective. They enable us to respond in a timely manner as particular issues arise and ensure that members’ views are taken into account.

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amfori BEPI Systemamfori BSCI Systemamfori BSCI Audit Integrity Programme
Audience Centric CommunicationChemicals in Textiles and FootwearChemical Policy and Supply Chains
CustomsSustainability in the Food SectorSustainability Engagement Communication
Sustainability Platform User Feedback Sustainability PolicySustainable Wine Programme 2.0


Concluded Project Groups


amfori BSCI Capacity Building Impact Assessmentamfori BSCI Semi-Announced AuditsTimber Pilot
Environmental issues in the food and beverage sector  


amfori Project Groups


amfori BEPI System


 Shape the evolution of the amfori BEPI system and tools. This Project Group brings together experienced amfori BEPI members and relevant guest speakers to define the needs and establish the direction of the amfori BEPI system.  Please note only members who participate in amfori BEPI can join

Duration: 24 months

Frequency: Four meetings per year (3 conference calls and 1 face-to-face meeting). Continuous work online.

amfori Secretariat lead: Anouschka Jansen, Program Development Senior Manager.

Members of the Project Group:

  • Migros represented by Christine Zwahlen
  • AS Watson represented by Doris Tai / Perry Ho
  • Aldi Nord represented by Gina Burgard
  • Aldi Sued represented by Klaas Nuttbohm
  • Groupe Beaumanoir represented by Pauline Keraudy
  • Gueldenpfennig represented by Regina Kallfelz
  • Etam represented by Jonathan Salmon
  • El Corte Ingles represented by Delia Garcia Gomez / Sergio Miguelez Moran
  • Coop Genossenschaft represented by Anna Vetsch
  • Rewe Fareast represented by Patricia von Planta / Connie Lam

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amfori BSCI System


Experienced amfori members who participate in amfori BSCI contribute to the development of the amfori BSCI and help us align social programmes and systems to the needs of our members. 

Duration: 24 months

Frequency: Two meetings per year. Continuous work online.

amfori Secretariat Lead: Monique Gerson, Project Development Expert.

Members of the Project Group:

  • Migros represented by Marius Lang (Chair)
  • Hunkemoller represented by Rebecka Sancho-Alba
  • Gerry Weber International represented by Annette Koch
  • Coop Genossenschaft represented by Anna Vetsch
  • Smartwares Europe represented by Promise U Chukwu
  • Alko Inc. represented by Marja Aho
  • Leineweber GmbH & Co. KG (BRAX) represented by Alissa Sekulic
  • Florett Textil GmbH & CO KG represented by Nicole Hartmann
  • ALDI Einkauf GmbH & Co. OHG represented by Fabian Schlesinger
  • Systembolaget represented by Kajsa Nylander
  • Walser Group represented by Marc Hörburger
  • TOM TAILOR GmbH represented by Claudia Landgraf
  • Peek + Cloppenburg KG (Dusseldorf) represented by Eckhard Spanier


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amfori BSCI Capacity Building Impact Assessment 


 amfori members with knowledge and experience on impact measurements work alongside the Secretariat to develop a framework to measure the impact of amfori BSCI Capacity Building activities.

Duration: Nine months

Frequency: Three conference calls and two face-to-face meetings

amfori lead: Litich Ling, Quality Control Manager – Capacity Building (Greater China)

Members of Project Group:

  • ALDI CR-SUPPORT ASIA LTD, represented by Amy Fung
  • Metro Sourcing, represented by Calvin Ho
  • Etam Group Strategy, represented by Jonathan Salmon
  • REWE Far East, represented by Louise Wong
  • Florett Textil, represented by Nicole Hartmann (Vice-Chair)
  • Peter Hahn/ TriStyle, represented by Patrizia Strupp
  • ALDI Service Asia, represented by Serena Wong (Chair)
  • Tom Tailor Sourcing, Tilky Wang
  • Lidl HK, represented by Erika Chan


amfori BSCI Semi-Announced Audits


 amfori members work with the Secretariat to find and implement solutions for driving an increase in the use of Semi-Announced Audits in amfori BSCI

Duration: Six months

Frequency: Two conference calls and one face-to-face meeting

amfori Secretariat lead: Katja Schulze, Regional Manager EMEA.

Members of Project Group:

  • Marc Hörburger (Walser Group)
  • Sabine Paulsen (Schmidt Group)
  • Tilky Wang (Tom Tailor)
  • Sarah Enzler (Olymp Bezner KG)
  • Matthias Schubert (C. Melchers GmbH & Co. KG)
  • Alex Poon (Lidl Hong Kong)
  • Luisa Seifert (Aldi)
  • Matthias Guggenberger (Popken Fashion Group)Dion Fox (Aldi US)



amfori BSCI Audit Integrity Programme Support


 amfori members support the Secretariat on key elements regarding the Audit Integrity Programme. Their expertise helps improve the audit quality and help draw up an external reporting strategy and plan for the Audit Quality Programme for launch Jan 2019.

Duration: 12 months

Frequency: Numerous conference calls throughout the year

amfori Secretariat lead: Erika Sok, Services & Programs Manager.

  • Daniel Hopp Hopp KG
  • Mali Stelzer NKD Services GmbH
  • Balaji Ramamurthi Ramamurthi
  • Cindy Chan ICA GlobalBecky Tsui Li&Fung
  • Christa Dahl Wuensche
  • Vähämaa Sohvi Kesko
  • Sekulic Alissa Brax
  • Janke Lisa Ovibell GmbH & Co. KG
  • Lehnert Sonja Florett Textil
  • Dorothea S. Flockert Deichman


Audience-Centric Communication

At amfori we want to continuously improve the way communicate with different audiences across our channels. We want to make sure the information you get as members is relevant, attractive, effective and up-to-speed with global trends. Therefore, your input as a core audience is crucial to make sure we move in a direction in line with your expectations. Join this project group to help guide our audience-centric communication approach going forward.

Duration: 18 months

Frequency: 6-8 Conference calls depending on milestones

amfori Secretariat Sponsor: Stephanie Luong, Vice President of Public Affairs

Deadline for application: 30 October 2019

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Chemicals in textiles and footwear​


This Project Group focuses on aligning the rollout and use of best practices and standards. It provides guidance on chemical management and technical-related topics and helps us support amfori BEPI participants in successfully implementing the Supply Chain Chemical Management Module.

Duration: 12 months

Frequency: Four meetings (3 conference calls and 1 face-to-face meeting.)  Continuous work online

amfori Secretariat lead: Sandhya Sharma-Tosserams, Environmental & Chemical Services Lead.

Members of Project Group:

  • Global Brands Group, represented by Aimme Kirkpatrick
  • Coop Genossenschaft, represented by Anna Vetsch 
  • G.Gueldenpfennig GmbH, represented by Julian Wu
  • Tex idea GmbH, represented by  Dieter Stoll
  • Aldi Sued, represented by Lisa Kretzberg
  • Aldi Nord, represented by Katharina Rossow
  • Deltex, represented by Stella Sun (and Corinna Munzel in Stella’s absence)
  • Isatraesko, represented by Juliane Michel-Weichthal
  • Florett Textil, represented by Laura Muschiolik and Mohammad Islam
  • Walser Group, represented by Marc Hörburger
  • Rewe Fareast, represented by Tracy Lee


Chemical policy and supply chains


 amfori members receive updates on chemical policy and provide input on the most pressing regulatory developments affecting supply chains. The group also discusses policy proposals on chemicals affecting supply chains.

Duration: 24 months

Frequency: One face-to-face meeting and four conference calls a year.




 This Project Group helps us focus our efforts to ensure that amfori members’ concerns are properly heard at the appropriate fora, and considered by the appropriate people in order to meet their needs.

Duration: 24 months

Frequency: Two meetings per year. Continuous work online.

amfori Secretariat lead: Stuart Newman, Legal Trade Senior Advisor.

Members of Project Group:

  • Celio, represented by Lise Delabre 
  • Textimporterener, represented by Katti Edvardsson 
  • Decathlon, represented by Olivier Ganne 
  • Inditex, represented by Jacobo Iribarnegaray
  • ACTE International, represented by Zakarya Mazid 
  • Vivarte Group, represented by Florence Rougé
  • Deichmann, represented by Henning Rohlfs 
  • Metro, represented by Bernd Schaefer 
  • AVE, represented by Stephanie Schmidt
  • karstadt, represented by Olaf Schmitt 
  • BGA, represented by Marcus Schwenke
  • Hugo Boss, represented by Bernd Stadtler 
  • C&A, represented by Andrea Steffen 
  • Textilimporterena, represented by Ake Weyler 


Environmental issues in the food and beverage sector


 amfori members help us determine the specific environmental improvement needs of the food & beverage sector and identify key partners and stakeholders for potential collaboration. In this Project Group, we also identify the necessary improvements to the current SAQ (Self-Assessment Questionnaire) and working on potential modules and training. Please note this group is open for members who participate in amfori BEPI only.

Duration: 12 months

Frequency: Four meetings (three conference calls and one face-to-face meeting). Continuous work online

amfori Secretariat lead: Stephanie Raymond, Research Manager.



Sustainability in the Food Sector


amfori members lend their expertise to the development and alignment of food programmes and systems on social and environmental aspects of sustainability. They help us identify trends in the food sector, develop responses to key sustainability issues, support the piloting of new services/projects.

Duration: 24 months (Feb 2019 to Feb 2021)

Frequency: Four meetings per year (two conference calls and two face-to-face meetings). 

amfori Secretariat lead: Anna Stancher, Strategy and Innovation.

Members of the Project Group:

  • CLAMA represented by Anne Stemmer
  • Systembolaget represented by Hanna Sutherlin
  • AxFood  represented by Kristina Areskog Bjurling
  • REWE Group represented by Laura Meissner
  • ALDI Sud represented by Emma Kennedy
  • Salling Group represented by Miina Mälgand
  • KESKO represented by Tuuli Luoma
  • Coop represented by Raphael Schilling
  • El Corte Ingles represented by Delia Garcia Gomez
  • GRUPO CALVO represented by Victoria Sanchez Jimenez
  • LIDL represented by Florian Schuetze
  • LIDL HK represented by Zoe Sin
  • ALDI NORD represented by Christian Heggen
  • EDEKA represented by Carole Romero Vargas


Sustainability platform user feedback


If you are a user of amfori’s sustainability platforms, join subject matter and technical experts in this Project Group to have your say and discuss areas for improvement going forward.

Duration: Six months

Frequency: Ad-hoc after production-ready stages

amfori Secretariat lead: Alain Paumen, Director Technology.

Members of the Project Group:

  • Janina Deller - Olymp
  • Ninna Bilstrup Rask - Jysk
  • Thorsten Zeunert, Nancy Degen - Aldi-Sued
  • Hanna Kangasaho - Alko
  • Nils Toedter, Lilly von Allesch - Wuensche
  • Senja Forsman - SOK



Sustainability Engagement Communication


Sustainability communication is increasingly expected from consumers and if properly done can open up several opportunities for businesses. Help us shape a set of tools to support amfori members communicating their efforts in this arena.

We encourage professionals with experience in communications, marketing or PR to join!

Duration: 6 months

Frequency: Four conference calls and ongoing work online.

amfori Secretariat lead: Julieta Tourne, Marketing Lead.

Members of Project Group:

  • Alko represented by Elina Tompuri
  • Global Brands Group Apparel & Accessories represented by Patricia Perren (Alko, Finland)
  • HEMA Far East, represented by Firoz Mahmud
  • amfori Network – Switzerland represented by Pierre Strub

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Sustainability Policy


Receive the latest information on supply chain-related sustainability policy and help amfori position itself on a national, EU and international level.

Duration: 24 months

Frequency: TBD

amfori Secretariat lead: Milan Pajic, Trade & Sustainability Advisor.
Valentina Bolognesi, Social & Environmental Policy Advisor

Members of Project Group:

  • Li & Fung represented by, Leanne Melnyk (elected Chair)
  • A.S. Watson Health & Beauty Benelux, represented by Leendert van Bergeijk
  • Casino Guichard Perrachon, represented by Frederic Lecoq
  • Clama GmbH & Co. KG, represented by Anne Stemmer
  • Foreign Trade Association of German Retailers (AVE), represented by Andrea Breyer
  • DELTEX Handelsgesellschaft mbH, represented by Regina Sophie Kallfelz
  • Global Management Services Ltd., represented by Wing Chung
  • Modint, represented by Antonio Barberi Ettaro
  • SOK, represented by Anna Mäenpää


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Sustainable Wine Programme 2.0


Together, we will identify what sustainable wine truly means for our members, and what are the trends and hotspots that need to be addressed to enable a sustainable product from grape to glass.

Duration: 12 months (Sep 2019 to Sep 2020)

Frequency: Four meetings per year (two conference calls and two face-to-face meetings). 

amfori Secretariat leads: Anna Stancher and Raquel P.S. Motta, Strategy and Innovation.

Members of the Project Group:

  • Systembolaget represented by Hanna Sutherlin
  • Vinmonopolet represented by Sasha-Monique Elvik
  • Alko represented by Laura Varpasuo
  • Salling Group represented by Miina Mälgand


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