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We need you to support amfori’s position by calling upon EU decision makers to follow these recommendations. You will find here a toolkit with our position paper, social media posts and powerpoint slides if you want to present the ideas to stakeholders.

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EU Action Plan to Halt Deforestation in Supply Chains

amfori recommends that the EU provides an action plan to halt deforestation worldwide. The action plan should gather a smart mix of measures, including a regulation on deforestation due diligence in the supply chain that focuses on commodities placed on the EU market.

Despite commitments from the EU, the international community, and private organisations to end deforestation by 2020, deforestation and forest degradation is still increasing. It is now urgent to protect forests worldwide in an effective way by tackling embodied deforestation.

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Human activity is driving almost all #deforestation. However, there are 1.6 billion forest dependant people. This is one reason why we and @amfori_intl are calling for an EU wide action plan to halt deforestation! http://bit.ly/amfori-deforestation

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Forests are an essential part of our global ecosystem, providing habitat for countless plant and animal species. We stand ready to engage with the EU to halt #deforestation. Read the details in amfori's new position paper. http://bit.ly/amfori-deforestation

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EU consumption is responsible for 10% of deforestation worldwide. Read our recommendations for the EU to halt embodied deforestation in @amfori_intl's position paper. http://bit.ly/amfori-deforestation

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11 % of greenhouse gas emissions are due to land-use and land-use change, making it the 2nd biggest cause of #climatechange. We and @amfori_intl stand ready to engage for an EU-wide action plan to halt #deforestation! http://bit.ly/amfori-deforestation

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74% of companies have a forest-related risk assessment process for direct operations and supply chains. To engage further in environmental due diligence, we and @amfori_intl call for an EU-wide action plan to halt #deforestation! http://bit.ly/amfori-deforestation

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Stopping deforestation, restoring forests and improving land-use practices can effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We stand ready to engage with the EU to halt #deforestation. Read more in @amfori_intl's position paper. http://bit.ly/amfori-deforestation



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"Consumption of products is linked to 10% of #deforestation worldwide. For this reason, we call for an EU-wide action plan to halt deforestation and forest degradation in supply chains. 

With amfori, we call for:  

- legislation with a clear scope and definitions as well as detailed #duediligence requirements 

- a focus on key commodities responsible for most of deforestation 

- going beyond legality requirements and integrates #sustainability principles 

- continuous improvement to be encouraged in supply chains 

- an action plan that is complementary to existing due diligence requirements and legislation 

- collaboration with sourcing countries as well with other consumer markets to facilitate sustainable trade 

-  guidance and tools to help companies to implement an effective due diligence system in their supply chains 

For more information: http://bit.ly/amfori-deforestation"



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