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1. Limitation of liability

The contents of this sustainability platform are provided with the greatest possible care. The use of the content of the sustainability platform is at the user’s own risk. The entity (any entity that has access to any information or functionality within the sustainability platform) shall be liable vis-à-vis amfori for any non- and/or misperformance, delay, act and/or omission of its users, in direct or indirect relation to the information, . Entries indicated by a name represent the opinion of a user in each case and not necessarily the opinion of amfori. The use of the sustainability platform results from a contractual relationship between the user and the provider.

2. External links / data / information

This sustainability platform contains data and information about and by third parties. The respective providers are responsible for the information and the source of information provided. amfori reviewed the infrastructure for providing the contents at the time this platform was created to determine legal compliance. There were no apparent infringements at that time. The provider does not have any influence on the current and future presentation of data and information or on the content of the reports that are made available about and by third parties. A constant supervision of the data and information without any indication of violations of the law is not reasonable to the provider. However, amfori will make reasonable effort to monitor the data and information within the scope of its Integrity Programs. Should there be any violation identified, amfori reserves the right to proceed with further investigations and potential sanctions on the entity or its users.

3. Copyright and intellectual property rights

The content published on the sustainability platform is subject to Belgian Copyright and intellectual property law. Any utilization not permitted by Belgian law governing copyrights and intellectual property law shall require prior written consent from the providers or the respective rights holder. This applies, in particular, to copying, handling, translating, storing, processing and/or reproduction of contents, in whole or in part, in databases or other electronic media and systems. Content and rights of third parties are identified as such. The unauthorized duplication or passing on of specific content or whole pages is not permitted and is a punishable offence. Solely the preparation of copies and downloads for personal, private, and non-commercial use is permitted.

The Sustainability Platform user warrants and guarantees, and shall cause that its related users warrant and guarantee:

  • that the moral rights relating hereto have been waived by the initial authors as permitted by applicable law;
  • that they have not licensed or assigned any of the assigned rights to third parties and that these are free from any security, option, mortgage, charge or lien;
  • that the materials that are the subject of the assigned rights are its/their original work and have not been copied wholly or substantially from any other source

Governing law and jurisdiction

Any disputes related to the use of the sustainability Platform shall be settled out of Court. If the attempt to find an amicable solution fails, the dispute will be definitely resolved by the competent courts in Brussels, Belgium.