What Is BEPI

BEPI is an initiative of the Foreign Trade Association (FTA) and shares the vision of “Free Trade. Sustainable Trade”. To fulfil this vision, BEPI has a specific governance structure to develop and implement an excellent system for managing and improving environmental performance in the global supply chain.


The BEPI Task Force

The BEPI Task Force provides guidance on the implementation of the BEPI system and activities under the supervision of the FTA Board. General management of BEPI is delivered by the FTA Secretariat.

Current members of the BEPI Task Force are:

  • Chair: Anna Vetsch (Coop)
  • Delia García Gómez (El Corte Inglès)
  • Pauline Keraudy (Groupe Beaumanoir)
  • Anna Leena Teppo (SOK Corporation)
  • Klaas Nuttbohm (Aldi Süd)
  • Minna Saari (Kesko)
  • Yves Sallé (Alsico)
  • Kristina Seidler Lynders (Esprit)
  • Federica Suess (Gries Deco)