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Webinar: amfori QMI Introduction Session for Members

We are happy to invite you to a 3rd amfori QMI Introduction Session for Members. amfori QMI provides a set of standardized quick scan tools that enable companies to drive quality management capability improvements in their supply chain and to trade with purpose. Join and learn how you can reduce the overall resources towards producers/suppliers’ qualification/assessment, how to avoid duplication of factory audits for the same purposes & requirements and much more.

Please see the session detail below:

Date:               July 5, 2022

Webinar: Facing risks in the food supply chain in Latin America: status quo, prevention and the amfori solution

We are pleased to invite you to join the series of webinars on “Facing risks in the food supply chain in Latin America: status quo, prevention and amfori solution” which will take place on 20 and 22 of September, 15:00 CEST. 


Growing with Responsibility Breaking Down the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act




The German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act Lieferkettensorgfaltspflichtengesetz (LkSG) is set to be enforced on 1 January 2023 for companies with over 3000 employees and will be applicable for companies with over 1000 employees on 1 January 2024. The Act will require mandatory compliance on human rights due diligence for companies headquartered in Germany as well as potentially affect German companies’ subsidiaries and suppliers in India as well as Indian companies having business concerns in India.

Desafíos y oportunidades de la Debida Diligencia para las empresas españolas

Las fronteras de acción de las empresas se han ampliado y las cadenas de suministro son cada vez más globales. Ante la ausencia hasta el momento de una legislación de Debida Diligencia y la necesidad de implementarla para garantizar la sostenibilidad de la cadena de suministro, muchas empresas españolas han emprendido el camino de la voluntariedad adoptando distintos esquemas.

amfori-ILO RSCA Webinar: Gender Equality in Business and Supply Chain: Empowering Women during Post-Pandemic Recovery in Asia

We are thrilled to invite you to join the webinar, co-organized by amfori and ILO RSCA, during which we will address the crucial issues related to gender equality in business and supply chain, such as gender inclusion, violence and harassment at work, work-family responsibilities, women in managerial and leadership positions gender pay gap with a focus on the post COVID-19 pandemic in Asia.