C5's Customs Compliance Forum

17-11-2015 to 18-11-2015

On 17 - 18 November, C5 will host its 8th Advanced Forum on Customs Compliance held in Partnership with HMRC. The Forum comes at a critical time - with the implementation of the UCC just around the corner, companies are re-evaluating internal customs procedures to ensure they are meeting the new requirements, making the most of duty relief programmes and they are paying the correct amount of customs duties. Highlights of the Forum include:

  • UCC Implementation: Find out the latest updates on the UCC and take home strategies for preparing your company for the imminent changes
  • Q & A with HMRC: Know what Customs Officers are looking for during audits and how they decide on penalties
  • Origin, classification and benchmarking: Measure the beliefs of the industry, get live results via interactive audience polling
  • Origin assessment and questionable customs classifications: Comprehensive case studies

FTA is a support of the Forum. For more information and to register, see the conference website or contact Daria Danilova on D.Danilova@c5-online.com.

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