The Global Forum for Responsible Recruitment

09-07-2019 to 10-07-2019

amfori will join and speak at the third annual Global Forum for Responsible Recruitment scheduled in Bangkok, Thailand on the 9th–10th July 2019.

The annual Global Forum for Responsible Recruitment is a key mechanism to promote, develop, and accelerate action toward mainstreaming the responsible recruitment agenda with business and government. 

Bringing together representatives from global brands, suppliers, recruitment agencies, industry associations, governments, and civil society, the Forum both: 

  1. Shines a spotlight on the importance of responsible recruitment of migrant workers in the fight against forced labour and trafficking in supply chains
  2. Provokes debate and the sharing of challenges, insights, dilemmas, and examples of best practice towards implementing the ‘Employer Pays’ Principle

This year, the Global Forum will:

·      Highlight current actions by business and government to promote responsible recruitment with examples of best practice from around the world

·      Promote the experience of migrant workers themselves in the recruitment process

·      Include a workshop format with facilitated table discussions for deeper analysis on recruitment-related challenges for all stakeholders

·      Promote and catalyse new multi-sector approaches, solutions and opportunities around the recruitment agenda

See the Agenda Preview for an insight into the key topics and discussion points.