Grievance Mechanism (Producer Workshop)

Target Audience: Suitable attendees for this course are mid- to senior level producer factory managers, or Producers, who had their factories audited. Pre-requisites: Having an understanding of the BSCI system and its workings. Please refer to the “Getting started on BSCI” course for information. Under the BSCI Code of Conduct, producers are required to operate a grievance mechanism. A grievance mechanism can be a suggestion box in a canteen, an email address or a designated manager from the HR department. It is important because it is an avenue for workers to voice their concerns or “grievances” when faced with challenges in their workplace. Grievance mechanisms are also tools for managers to improve worker morale and ultimately productivity. This 1-day highly interactive workshop looks at: What is a grievance mechanism; The types of grievance mechanism in a producer; and Practical steps to operating a grievance mechanism. Completing this training, learners will be able to: Operate a grievance mechanism.   Register:

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