The Importance of Collaborative Approaches to Improve Access to Remedy: First Approaches and a Look Forward


Date: 21 February 2022
Timing: 10 am - 11.00 am (CET)
Location: Online

We are excited to invite you to join amfori, Fair Wear and PST in our side session at the OECD Forum on Due Diligence in the Garment and Footwear Sector. On Monday, 21 February at 10:00 CET, we will address - together with stakeholders from across the supply chain - the importance of collaborative approaches to improve access to remedy for workers. 

The third report of the OHCHR Accountability and Remedy Project (ARP) recommends that “[d]evelopers and operators of non-State-based grievance mechanisms cooperate proactively and constructively… to raise standards and promote good practice with respect to the resolution of grievances arising from business-related human rights harms.” This includes collaborative approaches together with or between relevant industry, multi-stakeholder and other collaborative initiatives. 

All three organisations, Fair Wear, PST and amfori, have set out to jointly enhance access to remedy for workers in the supply chain of their members. In this session, we will spotlight two approaches we have already taken and will share learnings as well as discuss upcoming opportunities. We will be joined by Jennifer Zerk, Accountability and Remedy Project Chief Legal Consultant at the OHCHR, a local trade union representative and a corporate responsibility expert from Seidensticker.

The session is seen as a kick-off for further discussion and exchange. We invite all interested stakeholders to join us in this conversation!