Meet amfori - a stakeholder webinar!


Location: Online

Date: 19.11.2020

Time: 14:00 – 15:15 (EET)

We are pleased to invite you to join our upcoming event for Finnish stakeholders.


Would you like to know who amfori is? This virtual event gives you the possibility to get to know the organisation and dive under the surface of amfori BSCI.

On the scene of sustainability there are many initiatives, organisations and programs working to create a better future for people and planet. At amfori we work for what we call Trade with Purpose - a world where all trade delivers social, environmental and economic benefits for everyone.

We do this by offering holistic trade, social and environment services to improve the resilience and sustainability of our members’ global sourcing strategies.

In this webinar we will zoom in on the social services of amfori BSCI. We will be presenting the system as a whole and some of the elements that make amfori BSCI much more than just an auditing scheme.

You will receive a brief introduction and presentation and afterwards Sonja Finér, Executive Director of Finnwatch, will be interviewing the amfori President, Christian Ewert.

We are very much looking for to this event and hope that you will join us!



For further information, please contact Gry Montiel Network Representative Denmark / Sweden / Finland.