Unleash Opportunity 2021: Effective Remedy for Vulnerable Groups


Unleash Opportunity 2021: Effective Remedy for Vulnerable Groups - 26 October 2021 (13:30-15:00 CEST)

To meet their responsibility to respect human rights and comply with the upcoming German and EU due diligence legislation, businesses need to install a supply chain grievance mechanism and actively engage in the remediation of impacts they have caused or contributed to. This session will discuss the needs of vulnerable groups and the importance of considering these when designing an effective grievance mechanism. Participants will learn about the challenges that businesses face in setting up effective (supply chain) grievance mechanisms, learn from different approaches and gain a better understanding of the role that collective action and technology can play in providing access to remedy for vulnerable groups.




Vera Belazelkoska, Director of Programs, Ulula 

Mark Wielga, Director, Nomogaia

Adelina Simanjuntak, Director Social & Environmental Affairs, Adidas 

Charline Daelman, Senior Sustainability Expert, amfori