Unleash Opportunity Webinar | Lessons Learned from Existing Responsible Business Conduct Due Diligence Laws: What Is Working and What Is Not?


Location: Online

Date: 27.08.2020

Time: 11:15 am - 12:15 pm CEST

Join digital conversations with some of the leading lights in open and sustainable trade.

France’s Duty of Vigilance Law was the first national legislation in the EU that created an obligation for large companies to formulate, publish and enforce an adequate and effectively implemented plan to ensure the respect of human rights and the environmental protection in their supply chains.

A study published by the Commission in February seems to suggest that any upcoming legislation will be based on the French model. What challenges would Member States and their businesses encounter if a similar law were to be applied throughout the EU? What would an effective, workable and pragmatic EU-wide legislation look like? This panel discussion aims to investigate the aftermaths of the French legislation from the point of view of different stakeholders.




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