Unleash Opportunity Webinar | Is Sustainable Fashion a Contradiction in Terms: What Can Businesses Practically Do to Make a Real Difference?


Location: Online

Date: 29.10.2020

Time: 11:15 am – 12:30 pm CEST

Join digital conversations with some of the leading lights in open and sustainable trade.

Over the last few years, the fashion industry has come under increasing scrutiny for its climate impact. Recognising the importance of the issue for our members in the textile and garment sector, at the end of 2019 amfori signed the UNFCCC Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action. We aim to engage with like-minded businesses and organisations and influence the global policy landscape. As part of this push, we are strengthening our communication around the key assets offered by our BEPI platform: training, consultancy service, and a carbon calculator.

This session will offer an overview of the current situation, then discuss new strategies for the fashion industry, including circular economy approaches. It will explore how tools such as amfori BEPI and international multi-stakeholder coalitions like the Fashion Charter can enable companies to drive environmental improvements in their supply chains. See more details regarding the Agenda & Speakers.


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