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As a member of the leading association for international trade and sustainable supply chains, you benefit from a whole array of tools and resources offered by FTA that help you develop your international trade requirements. This includes International Trade Policy, the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) or the Business Environmental Performance Initiative (BEPI).

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FTA membership gives you access to services such as:

  • Advocacy: Through its international trade policy services, FTA works with key interlocutors in Brussels, Geneva, member states and supplier countries to represent retailers, importers and brand interests
  • Support towards sustainable supply chains
    • BSCI: Provides an effective and well-established system to improve working conditions in your supply chain
    • BEPI: Provides a practical framework to support you and your producers to enhance the environmental performance of your producers

Who Can Become a Member?

There are two forms of membership of FTA:

  • Ordinary members: There are two categories of ordinary members (I) companies with commercial and related trade activities worldwide and (II) trade associations. Ordinary members have full membership rights and are able to vote in the FTA General Assembly.
  • Associate members: Any other organisation or natural persons who do not meet the criteria of ordinary members but support the goals of FTA*. Associate members have limited membership rights, which means they cannot vote in the FTA General Assembly.

*FTA by-laws stipulate that companies whose main activity is manufacturing in defined risk countries are not eligible for any kind of FTA membership. The list of risk countries is available here.

What do you need to prepare?

Before starting the application form, please consider the following:

  • Company turnover: Official documentation about your company’s last available annual turnover as mentioned in the annual accounts; for privately owned companies which don’t disclose their annual turnover, an indication of the applicable turnover bracket is required
  • VAT number: VAT number of your company
  • Details of main contact person: Name of the person in your company who will be the main contact person for the respective FTA services (International Trade Policy and/or BSCI and/or BEPI) and the person who will participate in FTA General Assemblies with the right to vote on behalf of your company
  • The declaration of membership must be signed by the CEO of your company

If you have questions or are interested to know more about membership opportunities for your company or association, please contact Our members relations team will be glad to help you.

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