PRESS RELEASE: Rules of origin blocking the growth of trade, particularly for SMEs

PRESS RELEASE, Brussels, 6th September 2018: Speaking at a conference organised today by amfori and EuroCommerce on rules of origin, the heads of both associations warned that, unless rules of origin for products were improved, they would continue to discourage European companies, particularly small ones, to take advantage of hard-won concessions in trade agreements. Rules of origin determine the "nationality" of a product. To benefit from global value chains, companies need clear rules, but the complexity of rules of origin - preferential and non-preferential - continues to discourage trade, in particular for SMEs. The often very different rules in each of the many bilateral trade agreements signed in recent years adds to what is already a confusing picture.

WTO Public Forum 2018: Trade 2030


On 2 October, the World Trade Organization (WTO) will hold its Public Forum 2018 on the topic 'Trade 2030', considering what sustainable trade will look like in 2030 and beyond. Under the main theme of 'Trade 2030', the Public Forum's sub-themes will be sustainable trade, technology-enabled trade, and a more inclusive trading system. For yet another year, amfori will join a panel discussion together with experts and policy-makers titled 'Innovative Industries in the World Market 2030: How Can Trade Policy Help?'.