Action Against Modern Slavery in Australia



The World Day Against Trafficking in Persons on July 30, 2020 saw the official launch of the Australian Government’s Online Register of Modern Slavery Statements, continuing the implementation of the Modern Slavery Act 2018. During the same week of the website launch, amfori continued our commitment to capacity building in Australia and New Zealand with our first local auditor training course.

On June 24 2020, amfori conducted the webinar, ‘The COVID-19 Crisis - The impact on supply chain sustainability,’ in conjunction with the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce in Australia for members and stakeholders. The presentation highlighted the importance of the amfori BSCI audit process to effectively monitor supply chains to assess and address risks such as modern slavery.

The completion of the local auditor training at the end of July enables amfori members to authorise amfori BSCI audits within Australia and New Zealand despite the COVID-19 pandemic. In keeping with their commitment and modern slavery reporting obligations, amfori members around the world can now monitor supply chains in the region. The availability of local auditing capacity also provides benefits to Australian exporters. That is, producers that undergo amfori BSCI audits for existing members provide confidence to amfori’s global membership, enhancing the potential export markets.

Along with continually building auditing capacity in the region, amfori is also committed to supporting our members and their producers’ continuous improvement. The amfori Academy offers a series of member and producer training modules to enable them to better address the performance areas of the amfori BSCI audit. By working together, members and producers continue to raise the standards, ensure supply chain monitoring and address the reporting requirements of the Australian Modern Slavery Act.