Advocating for more effective EU Trade and Sustainable Development Policy



We are proud publish our policy recommendations for the EU institutions on their Trade and Sustainable Development Chapters (TSD), which are part of all new and updated trade agreements with the bloc. This forms part of amfori’s vision on value-based trade, what we call “Trade with Purpose”.

Promoting sustainable development through trade is an integral part of the EU’s external action as well as amfori’s core mission. Drawing on our experience with the EU institutions and the EU’s major sourcing markets, this document provides a set of policy recommendations to fully unleash the opportunity of sustainable trade.

amfori’s position centres around six areas that the EU Institutions should enforce with partner countries when embarking on free trade agreements. These would improve the sustainability credentials of their trade policy:

  1. Maintain a balance between economic and sustainability commitments
  2. Ensure the highest uptake of sustainability standards
  3. Promote women empowerment and unleash economic opportunities
  4. Develop broad partnerships for sustainability
  5. Consult civil society on the implementation of all aspects of trade agreements
  6. Increase awareness through an EU-wide Trade and Sustainable Development Day

The importance of implementing a solid Trade and Sustainable Development policy is integral to delivering a world of trade with purpose. Many of these aims are demands from business as well as civil society when the EU ratifies, updates and negotiates its current trading agreements, including Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia and in the upcoming EU-UK trade relationship post-Brexit.


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