ALDI joins BEPI to Step Up Chemical Management


The ALDI North and ALDI South Groups have declared it their goal to increase the sustainability of their supply chains. For this reason, both discount retailers have now joined the Business Environmental Performance Initiative (BEPI). The move comes as the companies bid to step up their efforts towards reducing the chemical impact of their global supply chains’ operations.

By implementing BEPI’s bespoke Supply Chain Chemical Management Module, ALDI will be able to better work towards the goals set by the Greenpeace Detox commitments, such as eliminating potentially hazardous chemicals from its supply chains by 2020. The BEPI module provides the platform and tools necessary to communicate with producers at all tiers of the supply chain, target ALDI’s specific chemical management impacts and improve performance accordingly.

Supply chain partners of ALDI will benefit from the Chemical Module, which offers participants common tools and industry-wide standards, such as those developed within the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals programme (ZDHC), of which BEPI is a contributor.

ALDI and its supply chain partners will also have access to BEPI’s full array of services. By joining BEPI, ALDI will be joining a network of industry peers dedicated to the improvement of supply chain environmental performance.

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Contact: Anouschka Jansen, Senior Manager Environmental Programmes

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