Alliance for Integrity – a global partnership with a local approach

At amfori, we believe that transparency and integrity are key elements for sustainable business. Together with Alliance for Inegrity (AFIN), we are working on developing new skills for members and producers in different sectors and countries according to their needs. On this occasion, in India we are running a pilot for the textile sector and a training for wine producers in Chile. Through this collective action, our partnerships with Alliance for Integrity are gaining pace and can be applied to create value across a range of sectors. 
India – partnership with SMEs in the textile sector
On 13 August, amfori signed a support agreement with Alliance for Integrity (AFIN) on collective action in the textile sector in Maharashtra, India with an aim to strengthen business integrity.
Together, we will run a two-month pilot. As part of this pilot, 25 SMEs will take part in training sessions run by subject-matter experts. These sessions will provide textile and apparel business owners with critical information on textile and export compliance. 
The sessions are designed to help the SMEs establish compliance management systems. They will also help them strengthen integrity within regulatory compliances, particularly export and intellectual property rights compliances. 
Textiles is one of India’s largest industries and employed more than 45 million people in the fiscal year 2019. It is important to work to make positive changes in this industry as the effects will be felt by huge numbers of people.
Latin America – Transparency and Integrity in the Wine Sector 
Through a partnership with the Chilean-German Chamber of Commerce (CAMCHAL) and amfori, a training activity called DEPE (Companies for Companies) will be held at no cost to participants.  The training will be led by expert trainers in Transparency and Integrity from leading companies such as Siemens, Kaufman, Walmart, among others. 
The objective of the training is to provide the participants with the necessary knowledge for the development and implementation of Transparency and Integrity tools in wineries. The training is based on the identification of risks and integrity of the different processes of the wine sector and then to define the corresponding management tools for these risks. 
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