Aluminium Foil from China, Brazil and Russia Anti-dumping Duties Extended, Annulled, and Imposed


Via Regulation 925/2009, on 7 October 2009 anti-dumping duties of 13.40%, 17.60% and 30% were imposed on imports of aluminium foil (specifically: of a thickness of not less than 0,008 mm and not more than 0,018 mm, not backed, not further worked than rolled, in rolls of a width not exceeding 650 mm and of a weight exceeding 10 kg, falling within CN code ex 7607 11 19 (TARIC code 7607 11 19 10)) from Armenia, Brazil and China.  On 7 October 2014, the duties on imports from Armenia expired.  However, the duties against imports from Brazil and China continued as a consequence of an expiry review that was initiated by the Commission following a request by a number of EU producers.

The Commission has now concluded that review and has decided to annul the measures imposed on Brazil.  The review showed that there were no imports from Brazil during the review period, no dumping of the product from Brazil to other markets, that prices in the domestic market were attractive, and that the large majority of sales were to the domestic market.  It therefore concluded that the limited spare capacity and the relative unattractiveness of the EU market made it unlikely that dumping would reoccur if duties were annulled.  However, the measures imposed on China will continue until 19 December 2020.  The review showed that the product was being dumped during the review period, that there was spare capacity, and that the EU market was attractive.  It also showed that the EU industry was being, and most likely would continue to be, injured by the dumped product if the duties were allowed to lapse.  The duties will therefore continue as follows:

  • Alco Aluminium Products and Alcoa Aluminium Industries – 6.40%
  • Shandong Loften Aluminium Foil – 20.30%
  • Zhenjiang Dingsheng Aluminium – 24.20%
  • All other companies - 30%

On 8 October 2014, a parallel investigation was initiated against imports of the same product from Russia.  Provisional duties of 12.20% were imposed on 4 July 2015.  Despite a number of arguments by the Russian producers, in particular the Rusal Group, the Commission has concluded that the products are being dumped onto the EU market and that this dumping is injuring the EU producers.  It has, therefore, imposed definitive anti-dumping duties at the same level of the provisional duties, i.e. 12.20%, on all imports from Russia until 19 December 2020.

Contact: Stuart Newman, FTA Legal Advisor

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