amfori’s Support to the COP 26



amfori, closely followed the recent COP 26 and its results.  And was principally engaged through the side event - Addressing Sustainable Goals in the Fashion Industry through Education and Employability.

The online event was put together by Glasgow Caledonian University in partnership with the EU-funded Sustainability Fashion Employability Skills, and with the support of amfori’s Spanish member and fashion retailer Tendam.

In the expert panel involving a range of academics and fashion industry representatives, as well as amfori President Richard Dictus, the discussion centred on the environmental issues that fashion currently faces. The amfori President in his intervention outlined amfori’s approach to monitoring of the environmental and social performance of its members including those involved in the fashion industry. This includes the mapping of partners, auditing, and upstream country assessment.

Further on fashion industry at the COP, amfori partner - the UNFCCC Fashion Industry for Climate Action - issued a statement announcing the increase in the ambition of its signatories with updated science based emission reduction targets. Under this new decarbonisation plan signatory companies to the Charter pledge to halve their emissions by 2030,and to achieve net-zero emissions no later than 2050. This is an update on the previous target of 30 per cent aggregate greenhouse gas emission reductions by 2030. In addition to a number of its members being signatories to the Charter, amfori is an official supporting partner to its implementation.

The COP 26 and its resulting new commitments come at a time when amfori itself is in the process strengthening its main environmental tool – BEPI with new features to improve decarbonisation in the supply chain of its members

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