amfori Accepted as Member of EU-Vietnam Domestic Advisory Group



The European Commission has just announced that amfori will be one of 21 members (only eight of which are business associations) in the newly established Domestic Advisory Group (DAG) on the EU-Vietnam FTA.

The DAG will meet three times a year to advise the EU on the implementation of Trade and Sustainable Development (TSD) chapters in EU agreements. There will also be an annual meeting with Vietnamese civil society representatives – along with the Vietnamese trade and sustainable development committee. Members will assess progress in labour and environmental issues related to trade both with the EU and Vietnam. This will be assisted by information collected from amfori’s network with experience in Vietnam.

Apart from representatives of the European Economic Social Committee (which coordinates meetings and supports members), the DAG includes other business associations, trade union representatives and NGOs.

The main criterion for DAG membership was proving expertise in one of the fields related to trade and sustainable development. amfori’s experience in this sector, and the fact that we are well-known by the Commission and EESC in this area – and on trade agreements in general – played an important part in obtaining membership.

Stuart Newman, Senior Legal Advisor – Trade & Customs