amfori and Confederation of Indian Industry Workshop Series on Supply Chain Management: Empowering Women in the Workplace in India



amfori, in partnership with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), initiated a one-year project to reduce workplace violence. The project focused on improving workers’ and supervisors’ awareness of labour rights and grievance mechanisms, with a focus on sexual harassment.

The main objectives of the project were:

  • To demonstrate the business case for sustainability as empowering women has proven to have a positive impact on production targets and profits.
  • To reduce workplace violence and improve team management skills for better working relations and increase awareness on labour rights and grievance mechanisms, with a focus on sexual harassment.

In view of the above, two high-level seminars were held with Indian Industry as well as capacity building activities, which included 10 workshops for Industry mid-level  management. Those aimed to make companies more standard compliant, and achieve adherence to Indian laws, regulations and social standards related to the prevention of sexual harassment.

The trainings took place in the National Capital Region of Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Gujarat and Punjab. 224 participants representing 147 textile companies with around 350,000 workers participated in the workshops.

amfori developed a guidance document to accentuate the efficacy of companies’ existing support mechanism that safeguard women’s rights in the workplace and to ensure legal compliance are met under the prevailing Indian laws.

The guidance document can be found here.

amfori and its 2400 members are committed to promote gender equality in global supply chains and the workplace to advance performance, sustainability and fairness, which is the central objective of amfori’s Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment Strategy - 2020-2022. To work towards this central objective, amfori has entered a partnership with UN Women in June 2020 and launched various joint activities to provide amfori members and their strategic partners with the knowledge, tools, network etc. to empower women and advance gender equality globally.

As the third biggest sourcing country, India plays a significant role in reaching our objective and we will continue to support businesses in adopting gender-responsive business practices and maximise the productivity of their human resources.  Building on the materials developed in partnership with CII, amfori has made the management trainings on the POSH Act part of the permanent training offering on the amfori Academy.

In partnership with CII we advocate for gender-responsive trade policies and practices in India and globally.

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