amfori and MSC Work to Improve Labour Conditions in Seafood Supply Chains


In March 2019, amfori and the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), a standard setting organisation for sustainable fishing, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) aiming to strengthen labour requirements in the global seafood industry. The agreement formalises the efforts of the two organisations to help seafood supply chain companies certified to the MSC Chain of Custody Standard meet internationally recognised standards on forced and child labour practices.

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What is new?

The MSC Chain of Custody Standard now includes a requirement for certificate holders to undergo an on-site labour audit against a recognised third-party labour program unless they operate in a ‘low risk’ country. Through the MoU, amfori BSCI has been recognised as a leading social labour programme that provides MSC Chain of Custody Standard certificate holders with solutions to implement labour requirements and combat violations.

The new requirements for MSC Chain of Custody certificate holders will come into force in September this year. Until then, both organisations will work with the supply chain companies affected to help them prepare for the changes, developing training material.

Benefits for amfori members

The partnership emerges out of a widespread concern about labour abuses in the global seafood supply chain. The MSC has now extended their programmes to include new labour requirements. 

amfori members will meet the on-shore labour requirements of the new MSC Chain of Custody Standard by:

  • Conducting amfori BSCI audits in their supply chains
  • Following the amfori BSCI Zero Tolerance Protocol and remedying any issues within 30 days

Together, MSC and amfori will work towards greater assurance that labour violations are not taking place in supply chain companies that hold MSC certification and aim to bring a positive impact to the seafood sector, its members and their supply chains.


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