amfori and UN Women: New Partners



amfori and UN Women have signed a MOU committing to jointly advance gender equality and women’s empowerment among businesses.

To this end, both organisations will cooperate to progressing women’s empowerment particularly in the Asian and European regions. This will be achieved through collaboration on strengthening women’s participation and leadership in the economy and working with private sector companies to integrate gender equality into their way of doing business. Collaboration will take place through:


  • Knowledge sharing and management including support in the development of gender disaggregated data and indicators
  • Development of joint trainings and tools
  • Promotion of each other’s respective tools on gender equality
  • Joint advocacy and coordinated approaches towards private sector companies with the overall aim to create a more enabling environment for women’s empowerment.


As part of this partnership, amfori and UN Women call upon the business sector to sign the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) and to engage in the WEPs Activator. The WEPs Activator is a joint 10-month project that helps companies to analyze its gender gaps and develop a corresponding action plan. A series of webinars will further guide companies on how to put the WEPs into practice in their own business and along their global supply chains.