amfori and ZDHC: Leading the way in sustainable chemical management


In 2020, amfori is proud to announce our memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals Foundation (ZDHC). The MoU represents a means of further reinforcing our partnership and establishing sustainable chemical management practices in global supply chains. Since 2016, amfori has been an associate member of ZDHC to work alongside other members and stakeholders on chemical management improvement measures within the textile and footwear supply chains.

To further strengthen our joint collaborative efforts and avoid duplication, the key objectives of the MoU are as follow:

  • Strengthen collaboration to improve the chemical and overall environmental performance of the amfori and ZDHC facilities. We will achieve this by supporting various environmental performance indicators linked to chemical management. This joint initiative will strengthen sound chemical and environmental management systems within textile, footwear and other related sectors.
  • Joint implementation of solutions and standards and increased collaboration on capacity-building activities.
  • Joint outreach to scale the implementation of respective programs with the aim to drive sustainable chemistry, sustainability, circular economy, supply chain traceability and transparency. 


“Industry collaboration is key to promoting sustainable chemical management practices globally in the interest of people and the environment. The strategic cooperation between amfori and the ZDHC Foundation will give our members the right tools to establish sustainable chemical management practices at a greater scale and avoid duplicative measures and costs. Moving forward, we are going to strengthen our partnership even further to enable our members and stakeholders to champion sustainable chemical management in the industry.”

Christian Ewert, President, amfori

This MoU represents a hallmark for enhanced and fruitful collaboration to reduce chemical and environmental footprints of global supply chains. This partnership will pave the way for members and stakeholders to advance their cause and contribute to a safer and greener planet.


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