amfori Annual Report 2020: Now Live



The COVID-19 pandemic has been, and continues to be, an unprecedented moment in time. Amidst this challenge, amfori has published its Annual Report 2020 that focusses on how we continue to support businesses to drive environmental, social and trade improvements in their supply chains while we work together to build back better. In line with our mission, we are by your side to help companies continue to better integrate sustainability in their recovery processes.

Contrary to the previous editions, the 2020 annual report covers the whole calendar year, meaning we have considered all activities from January to December 2020.

The 2020 annual report also intends to continue and deepen our journey towards the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standard to share how we are ourselves, as an organisation, stepping up to the challenge of sustainability in our own operations. This year, we will report on GRI 100 (introductory) and GRI 400 (social) performance areas.

As the leading global business association for open and sustainable trade, amfori has remained stable in 2020, representing a €1.6 trillion turnover from our members combined. We welcomed 233 new members over this period. Together, we are 2,404 members from 48 countries around the world, sending the inspiring message that Trade with Purpose can drive the COVID-19 recovery and allow us to sustainably rebuild our economies, with environmental and social prudence. 

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Throughout the Annual Report, we focussed on the following four areas:

1. The COVID-19 Pandemic – at Hand to Support Businesses

2. amfori Sustainability Platform – The Right Data at the Right Time

3. Protecting Labour, Human Rights and Gender Equality – at the centre of everything we do

4. Environmental Performance – central to amfori and our members’ priorities

In 2021, we are well positioned to continue to build tools and services that will serve the new demands of businesses. While the pandemic continues to this day, we remain committed to supporting you and delivering a superior service. In 2021, our minds are focussed on rebuilding together with you, our members, and protecting our mission of Trade with Purpose.