The amfori Annual Report 2021 is Out Now



2021 was a year where a big step forward was taken in human rights and environmental supply chain due diligence, with the adoption of the German Supply Chain Act (GSCA) in June 2021. It was a shift in legislation that will make businesses and mindsets evolve to a sustainable future, especially when more countries will follow soon with similar legislations.

amfori guides its members through these changes with the tools and services that we offer.

The past year we strengthened the amfori BSCI Code of Conduct, a commitment document to take due care of human rights due diligence and environmental protection across our members’ global supply chains.

A big leap forward was made in Environmental Due Diligence with the start of the amfori BEPI 2.0 project. It will enable companies to respond to key environmental issues and trends, and drive improvements in their supply chains. With amfori BEPI 2.0, the merger into one single Sustainability Platform has started.

amfori took on a leading role in the establishment of a global Supply Chain Grievance Mechanism (SCGM), the “Speak For Change” Programme. It aims to address grievances related to the amfori BSCI Code of Conduct. We launched the SCGM Pilot in Vietnam in May 2021, including onboarding of members and engagement with local partners, stakeholders and business partners.

amfori is proud to have worked with over 2400 dedicated members in 2021, offering them training sessions, webinars and guidance via advocacy papers.

Discover our full report here.