Our Approach to Serious Allegations Concerning the Rubber Glove Industry


amfori has been made aware of a number of alleged human rights violations at Top Glove factories (Malaysia) through media and civil society reports. Subsequent to these reports Top Glove has cited the reception of good ratings in a number of its factories from amfori BSCI in its defence against these allegations.  

In response, amfori is now following the protocol outlined in our Audit Quality Programme. This will allow amfori to fully understand the situation in these specific factories in order to determine if and what further action should be taken. amfori condemns the alleged conditions highlighted in these reports and is constantly working to reduce the instance of these in the supply chains. 

amfori is unique in the due diligence sector as we support companies and the producers of their supply chains to embark on a journey of continuous improvement. amfori also strongly supports human rights defenders and other stakeholders, who share information with us on working conditions in supply chains. This information, which may corroborate but also compliment the findings of our audits is given important consideration.  

In order to monitor the human rights performance of supply chains, social audits are conducted to gain a snapshot of the working conditions at a factory or facility at a single moment in time. Under the amfori BSCI system, social audits then result in an improvement plan being delivered to the factory or facility, in order to constantly implement better working conditions. While factories are given a rating for their performance in the audit, these are indicative and always come accompanied with a list of measures – such as capacity building and follow-up monitoring – for further improvement. 

On the basis of our approach, obtaining an A rating in a handful of the factories cannot be used in response to the specific allegations made recently. Moreover, these ratings do not mean that the due diligence journey of this company has come to an end. In the amfori BSCI system, Human Rights Due diligence is a journey of continuous improvement. 

In November 2019 amfori published a statement on its engagement with Top Glove since 2018 on mitigating workers’ rights abuses. The statement underlined that while Top Glove had made some progress in addressing some workers’ rights abuses there were still notable advancements to be made. amfori will continue to monitor the situation, in light of current developments.