amfori Calls for Solutions on Bangladesh Accord


amfori along with other multi-stakeholder initiatives and business associations, wrote a joint letter to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of Bangladesh.

In the letter, the organisations call on the government of Bangladesh to take the necessary steps to find solutions to the current challenges so that the Accord can continue to contribute to the development of the ready-made garment sector (RMG) in Bangladesh, and to assist in the eventual role of the Remediation Coordination Cell (RCC).

The organisations recognise the achievements that have been made on worker safety, such as the creation of an independent RCC within the Department of Inspection for Factories and Establishments (DIFE) to regulate safety in the RMG sector. However, they believe that more work is needed in order to absorb the work of the ACCORD into the RCC as well as to complete remediation at factories under the Accord’s remit. They addressed their concerns that the safety of Bangladesh RMG workers could be compromised if an effective structure is not in place for an effective handover of responsibility.

The signatories acknowledge there is an advantage in Bangladesh, the global RMG industry, and with workers in local factories to continue and deepen this successful partnership that has delivered such fundamental and substantive positive change.

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For more information, read our press coverage in the Ecotextile news.

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