amfori Trade & Customs Working Group – Call for Members


Trade and customs issues affect all of our members – including those that place the same importance on sustainable supply chains as amfori does.  This is true because the “ideal” of sustainable supply chains is still affected by the rationale of trade and customs issues.  These can be: specific amendments to the Union Customs Code (UCC), the preferential duties obtained via bi-lateral agreements or the Generalised Scheme of Preferences (GSP), additional duties imposed by trade defence measures such as anti-dumping, or world affairs necessitating measures such as sanctions.

We continue to work for you on trade and customs issues by:

  • following legislative developments.
  • analysing legislation and informing you in a straight-forward manner.
  • advocating on your behalf for a beneficial trade and customs regime.

That said, we believe that we can do better.  One way to achieve this is to involve members more closely in our work – so that you can help us to help you.  We are looking to expand our Customs Project Group to deal with more trade-related issues, including those surrounding due diligence, and hereby invite you to apply to be a member of this group – via the attached application form.

The Trade and Customs Working Group intends to meet twice a year (with ad hoc meetings as required) to discuss and share trade and customs related issues.  The group will also receive specific information and news.  However, one important element will be knowledge.  We need representatives from amfori members who are intimately involved with trade and customs issues and know how those issue affect their business.  In this way we can advocate better and respond better to requests for information by the Commission.

I look forward to receiving your applications, via this form, by 8 July 2022.

Fo more information, please contact, Senior Legal Advisor – Sustainable Trade & Customs