amfori Efforts in Thailand Supported Lifting Yellow Card on Thai Fisheries


The recent news that the European Commission lifted its yellow card on Thai Fisheries is a significant development not only for Thailand, but for everyone connected to, or working in its fisheries sector. This will also have important benefits for the environment, especially for the seas and fish stocks, which will be better managed and controlled. Nevertheless, we see this as the beginning of a long process to ensure lasting improvements in Thailand’s fisheries industry.

amfori is proud to have been able to support positive change in Thailand which led to the removal of the yellow card. The process has also shown how business can support government efforts, and what an important supportive role business can play to supplement the work of governments that are committed to making improvements.

amfori had an active role in supporting Thailand’s efforts in tackling human rights abuses in its fisheries industry. We participated in a public-private dialogue to support government and its representatives to advocate in the business community for good business practices that do not generate adverse impact on workers and human rights.

amfori urges all parties to continue efforts towards sustainable trade and production. We must remain vigilant on the potential impacts on human rights and the environment, and address challenges ahead in a collaborative manner.

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