amfori Enters into Cooperation with the Platform Living Wage Financials



In January 2021, amfori entered into a collaboration with the Platform Living Wage Financials (PLWF) by becoming one of their ‘Friends of the Platform.’ PLWF is an alliance of 15 financial institutions that encourages and monitors investee companies to address the non-payment of living wage in global supply chains. We will engage in a regular exchange of knowledge and best practices with PLWF and its partners.

Leveraging partnerships is a key component of  amfori’s Living Wage Journey, which outlines how amfori aims to approach the issue of living wages in global supply chains. Continuous improvement and collaboration are at the heart of how we intend to implement these commitments with our members and stakeholders. The cooperation with PLWF and the ‘Friends of the Platform’ will enhance amfori’s perspective on the topic, especially in the context of the amfori BSCI System revision, within which the feedback of PLWF will be invaluable.

The PLWF set up the Friends of the Platform - a group of stakeholders, including NGOs, academics, trade unions and other experts in the Netherlands and beyond - to regularly exchange views on how to effectively encourage companies to implement living wages in their global supply chains and to monitor their performance. amfori is proud to be part of this group and we are looking forward to working with PLWF and its partners to improve wage conditions around the world.

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