amfori Exceeds 100 Members in North America


As of September 2018, amfori’s North American membership base exceeded 100 members in the US and Canada, with a 354% growth rate increase since last year. These companies consist mostly of SMEs in the general merchandise and household goods sector.

Of the many benefits provided by our services, our North American members find that their membership facilitates business because a large percentage of their supply chain producers have also decided to use amfori BSCI and amfori BEPI. In turn, they have been able to use less resources to manage their social compliance status allowing them to tackle other crucial projects central to their business.

Upcoming events

Is your company located in the US or Canada? To learn more about the local support that is available to you, join us and register for our next Network Connect in Los Angeles on 25 October.

Also sign up for a workshop on “How to Use amfori BSCI Audit Reports Effectively”, which will be held alongside this meeting.  

Contact: Kelli Hoggle, Network Representative, US & Canada

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