amfori Formalises its Grievance Mechanism Procedure


amfori is committed to being open and building trust with all stakeholders involved in the work of the association worldwide. Thus, providing a channel for individuals and organisations to share a perceived or real, wrong or unfair treatment related to our association’s activities that might be negatively affecting them. It is of outmost importance to ensure their views are heard and addressed.

Grievance mechanisms fall under the third pillar of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights: Access to Remedy. They serve to alert organisations of potential human rights impacts and provide a structured process to remediate them as soon as possible.

In order to further promote transparency, amfori has consolidated this procedure, making an online form and its outlined policy available on its website to ease access and streamline the process. Consolidated data will also be published on a quarterly basis.

The benefits of an established mechanism include:

  • a standardised approach towards addressing a grievance case upholding the values of confidentiality, timely resolution and prevention of escalation;
  • a leverage of effort from all relevant parties to maximize positive outcome; and
  • a governance structure providing competent support and expertise that represents the best fit for each case.


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Contact: Veronica Rubio, Senior Manager - Strategic Programmes



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