amfori Governance: New and reappointed Network Chairs in Europe



Our Network Chairs offer invaluable support to amfori in many ways, such as raising the profile of the association on a local level. Discover the new or reappointed leaders in Germany, Spain, and Switzerland and register for an upcoming Network Connect to meet them.

More information about the local support provided to our members is available on the Network Hub.


Kerstin Jürges, Head of Department Sustainable Sourcing / Social Compliance at EDEKA will serve as Chair of the German Network Committee for the next two years. During her tenure, she wants to drive forward the development of better assurance of social aspects in offshore fisheries, improve solutions for the inclusion of farm level in risk areas regarding food production and take part in the implementation of the new Platform.


“My main motivation is to push human rights issues with regard to food supply chains.

The German Network plays an important role inside amfori organizations, and human rights issues are coming more and more into focus in the German market.



Delia García Gómez, CSR and Sustainability Manager at El Corte Ingles will continue to serve as Chair of the Spanish Network for an additional two years. She is responsible for developing, implementing, and managing the Responsible Sourcing and Product Sustainability strategy for fashion, home, stationery, cosmetics, and food. Delia also manages the collaboration with amfori and other ethical trade initiatives.


‘’Companies must take an active role in developing strategies with a purpose and go beyond profit to contributing to a sustainable production and consumption. But no company can solve the global challenges on their own. A deep understanding of those challenges, cooperation and dialogue within amfori’s working groups will allow us to reach the ultimate goals”.




Anna Vetsch is a Sustainability Manager at Coop Switzerland and Co-founder of fin-projects, a company working on sustainable and traceable leather supply chains. She has a master’s in Political Sciences and International Law. She will continue with her mandate as Co-Chair of the Swiss Network Committee in tandem with Maja Buerkli for another two years.


"Participation and cooperation are key for a strong development of the association and its core initiatives amfori BSCI and amfori BEPI. I'm happy to be part of a good and critical dialogue."


Maja Buerkli manages suppliers’ implementation of amfori BSCI and educates staff. She is responsible for the help desk and oversees that bb trading maintains their commitment to amfori.


‘’As an SME, I know we have limited resources. This makes it important to be able to use these resources in a targeted manner and help others implement them. It is dear to my heart that even more members are actively involved in our amfori Network group.’’