amfori Inputs to OECD MNE Guidelines Stocktaking Exercise



2021 marks the 10th anniversary since the OECD MNE Guidelines were last revised. To assess the implementation of the Guidelines, the OECD recently launched a stocktaking exercise and opened a consultation to collect stakeholders’ feedback.

In our contribution to the stocktaking exercise, amfori outlines some of the greatest achievements over the past decade – notably a growing awareness and uptake of RBC due diligence. amfori also suggests a few focus areas to ensure the MNE Guidelines remain fit for purpose. Those include:

  • Continuing to build capacity, including in producing countries
  • Continuing to ensure alignment across international due diligence standards
  • Tailoring the Guidelines to the needs of SMEs
  • Providing further guidance on what environmental due diligence entails
  • Integrating a gender lens and elaborating on the role of vulnerable / marginalised groups
  • Strengthening the complementarity between judicial and non-judicial grievance mechanisms via the setting-up of an Access to Remedy Hub.

Why it matters

The OECD MNE Guidelines and the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs) represent the most widely accepted frameworks for responsible business conduct.

Therein, due diligence features as the process by which a company drives continuous improvement in their supply chain. In practice, it means that a business is expected to understand the social and environmental impacts it may be involved with, adopt mitigation / prevention strategies, track performance and communicate about those efforts. It also means that in the event a negative impact occurred, a company should also have processes in place to provide or enable remedy. 

amfori continuously works to anchor our services, tools and programmes to the spirit of those international normative frameworks. Recent examples include the update to the amfori BSCI Code of Conduct, and the setting up of the Speak for Change Programme.

For more information, please contact Valentina Bolognesi, Senior Social Policy Advisor.

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