amfori Joins Forces to Call to Protect Workers in the Garment Industry



On the occasion of International Workers’ Day, amfori has joined forces with brands and manufacturers, workers and employer organisations, governments and international organisations to support a global call to protect workers in the garment industry affected by COVID-19 crisis.

An lLO report released just two days ago points to nearly half of the global workforce being at risk of losing their livelihoods with significant drops income due to the crisis. The garment industry, which represents a significant proportion of amfori members, is likely to be one of the industries that is most heavily impacted by the crisis.

Organisations endorsing this statement commit to:

  • take action to protect garment workers’ health, income and employment
  • support employers to survive during the COVID-19 crisis
  • work together to establish sustainable systems of social protection for a more just and resilient garment industry

The development of the statement was led by the International Labour Organization, the International Organization of Employers and the International Trade Union Congress. These actors will establish an international working group bringing together brands and manufacturers, workers and employer organisations and governments to advance the implementation of the statements’ commitments. amfori will endeavour to monitor and engage with the group.

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