amfori joins coalition calling for action responding to COVID-19’s impact on the garment industry


amfori has joined forces with nine other aligned organisations to release a statement calling on governments, civil society and businesses alike to take responsible actions in response to the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the global garment industry. The statement addresses brands, retailers, governments, unions, and industry associations. The communiqué focuses on two priorities:


  • Protecting Workers income, health and safety
  • Ensuring that supply chains are resilient to future shocks similar to COVID-19 in the future.


The organisations, seven of which represent close to 2,000 garment brands and retailers, understand that garment companies are facing extremely difficult times. Brands are being asked to continue to conduct business responsibly.

amfori continues to monitor this unprecedented situation, and our thoughts remain with those affected by the outbreak. 


Read the statement here