amfori Launches Agenda 2024 for the EU Institutions

amfori is proud to launch its agenda 2024, the policy statement that outlines our advocacy priorities to advance economic prosperity as well as environmental and social sustainability for the  European Union (EU) Institutions.
Following the EU elections earlier this year and the incoming European Commission, amfori takes the opportunity to outline the 14 priorities that we believe should be at the top of the EU agenda. Our goal is to build open and sustainable trade policies that support business and society to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) together with the EU Commission. 
We firmly believe that by working together we can improve the sustainability of supply chains to deliver social, environmental and economic benefits for everyone. Some of the most important issues that are highlighted in amfori’s EU Policy Agenda 2024 are:
Human rights due diligence in the EU: we call on the Commission to prioritise a harmonised approach to maximise the protection of workers. This will ensure clarity and a level playing field for all. 
Climate change: to enable companies to adapt and take action to mitigate climate change, a solid regulatory framework is needed.  It is important for the European Commission to encourage innovation and have clear and measurable objectives to be reached within a realistic timeframe. At an international level, a coordinated and more proactive approach is required to deliver on the Paris Agreement.
Trade agreements: while the European Union continues to negotiate future trade deals, sustainable development chapters must be concluded with each trading partner who commits to implementing the Paris Agreement and core International Labour Organisation (ILO) conventions.
With over forty years of experience, amfori stands ready to support and achieve progress in embedding sustainability policy on a legislative and operational level. 
To learn more, you can access the interactive document here