amfori Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue on Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence



On 19 May 2022 amfori held its first Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue on Risks and Opportunities surrounding the European Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Legislation.

The event brought together a select group of leading experts on business and human rights, policymakers, as well as representatives from business and civil society from Germany and beyond to discuss risks and opportunities surrounding European Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence legislation.

This multi-stakeholder dialogue underscored amfori’s and its members’ commitment to collectively build an infrastructure, trade and policy framework that enables sustainable business practices globally.

amfori strongly believes in the importance of collaboration across sectors and stakeholder groups and will continue the close dialogue on how to collectively address critical human rights and environmental impacts in global supply chains.

As a business network encompassing more than 2400 retailers, brands and importers as well as 35000 producers globally, amfori sees great potential in leveraging our reach to bring impact at scale through targeted multi-stakeholder efforts.

We invite all our stakeholders to continue to challenge us as we evolve as an organisation, and to work collaboratively with us to further responsible business conduct by exploring new partnerships.

You can access all presentations and key takeaways in this report.