amfori Reacts to the EU CSDDD Proposal


amfori’s initial reaction to the EU Commission’s proposal for a Directive on Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence (CSDDD) is out.

What’s our take on the proposal?

  • We welcome the EU Commission’s publication and the fact that the proposal aims to elevate the topic of due diligence by also addressing companies’ governance aspects.
  • We also welcome the positive acknowledgment of the role that industry initiatives can play in supporting companies with their due diligence.

However, there are areas where the proposal would need further strengthening. In particular, we would like to see enhanced harmonisation, greater legal certainty, full level playing field and stronger alignment with international standards.

The paper offers a set of recommendations to improve the proposal so that it delivers on its intended impact, whilst remaining pragmatic in its implementation.  

How did we go about it?

The paper, which was drafted in close collaboration with the amfori Sustainability Policy Project Group and included consultation of the wider amfori membership too, is largely based on our long-standing messaging on HREDD.

As we continue to assess both the intended and unintended consequences of the proposal, we may elaborate further on additional aspects of it.

What’s next?

The paper was submitted to the EU Commission’s public consultation. Going forward, we will use it to engage in conversations with EU policymakers and stakeholders to bring our views to the table. As relevant, we will also seek to identify opportunities to partner up and join forces with key stakeholders.

For any questions, please get in touch with, Senior Social Policy Advisor