amfori Reiterates Support for EU-Wide HREDD Legislation



amfori joins forces with 13 other industry associations and responsible business initiatives to reiterate its full support for EU-wide mandatory human rights and environmental due diligence legislation.

amfori has been a long advocate of the value added that well-designed due diligence legislation would bring.

It was in an open letter following the adoption of the EP report “corporate due diligence and corporate accountability” in March, that we outlined the key features we envision for the future EU approach.

We believe the EU can play a leading global role by requiring the same responsibility standards to access European markets.

However, harmonisation and consistency of EU due diligence requirements in sectoral and cross sectoral policies and legal frameworks are key.

To achieve global harmonisation, it is also necessary that EU policies and legal frameworks are aligned with existing international standards on responsible business conduct.

Reporting requirements between relevant legal frameworks at EU and Member State level should be consistent and integrated.

Equally important will be to ensure coherent national enforcement, by facilitating engagement between enforcement agencies at Member State level.

Read the joint statement here.

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