amfori signs UN’s Statement from Business Leaders for Renewed Global Cooperation



amfori President Christian Ewert has joined business leaders in signing the UN’s Statement from Business Leaders for Renewed Global Cooperation. The statement, put forward by the UN Global Compact (UNGC), marks the 75th anniversary off the United Nations and aims to demonstrate private sector support for inclusive multilateralism. Given that the aims of the declaration align closely with amfori’s and our member companies we are calling on member companies by September 14 to join us as signatories.

This pledge reiterates business leaders’ commitment to demonstrate ethical leadership and good governance and invest in addressing systemic inequalities and injustices. It also makes allowances for partnering with the UN, Government and civil society for strengthening access to justice, ensuring accountability and transparency. Signatories of the statement call on governments to protect human rights and create an enabling environment to serve the interests of people and planet. 

The full list of CEO supporters will be presented to the UN Secretary-General during the UN’s Private Sector Forum on Monday, 21 September, a part of the UNGC’s Uniting Business LIVE event. amfori as a participant of the UNGC and past attendee of the SDG Business Forum will be participating in the Uniting Business Forum in 2020.

Noting that the key asks of statement - ethical leadership, addressing inequalities and ensuring transparency are in line with amfori’s mission and vision we are also calling on the CEOs of our members to sign the statement. The closing date is 14 September, access through this form.