amfori Supports Leading Toy Brand Hape to Empower its Suppliers’ Social Competence



Hape (“hah-pay”), an amfori member since 2017, is an award-winning company, designing and manufacturing high quality baby and children’s wooden toys made from sustainable materials including bamboo. The eco-friendly company was established in 1986 by Founder and CEO Peter Handstein in Germany. Over the past three decades, Hape has become a well-known brand synonymous of high quality, innovative and eco-friendly practices. The manufacturer has over one hundred suppliers and business partners in its supply chain, a majority of which are based in China.  

From March -June 2021, amfori has been supporting Hape’s capacity building programme to enhance awareness, skills, and knowledge of Corporate Social Responsibility, which includes Hape’s internal Code of Conduct and amfori BSCI among their internal CSR team and their main finished goods suppliers.  

The capacity building programme is composed of several modules including an introduction to the concept of corporate social responsibility, an explanation on how to conduct an internal audit on producers’ sites (Demo audits) and an intensive four days amfori BSCI Internal Auditor training for Hapes CSR team.  

amfori BSCI is a global leading social compliance scheme and a growing number of businesses have been adopting it over the last decade.   

“People are the most important asset to any organisation. Investing in staff training, is crucial for businesses when cultivating a fit for growth strategy towards a sustainable future. amfori is very pleased that we have the chance to support our member - Hape in the formulation and implementation of this meaningful capacity building program with quality assurance support. We trust this new initiative has brought a mutual beneficial relationship to Hape and its suppliers. It resonates with UNSDG Goal 8 – Decent workplace and economic growth.  I congratulate Peter and his team who lead by example to cascade their positive support to their supply chain partners,” said Christian Ewert, amfori President.  

“Togetherness will be the key in achieving sustainable development for future organisations. We at Hape believe, that forming mutual beneficial alliances with partners that strive for the same goals will be an essential element of achieving sustainability. We are glad to have found such a partner in amfori, that accompanies us on this journey of building a responsible and sustainable supply chain. Through amfori’s support during our capacity building program we were able to enhance awareness, skills and knowledge of corporate social responsibility among our employees and suppliers. We as a leading toy manufacturer know, that our business practices will have an impact on the next generations, thus building a sustainable supply chain represents a core element of our business strategy. We want to thank amfori for joining forces with us, on a journey toward a more responsible future.” said Peter Handstein, Founder and CEO of Hape Group.  

This collaboration aims to cultivate sustainable and long-term benefits for the relevant parties, including preparing the next generation of CSR leaders at Hape and their supply chain partners in China. It also illustrates amfori’s core values -Trade with purpose and a Responsible Supply Chain.   

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